11 November 2010

New Old Things


It seems like finding good treasures at thrift stores and flea markets comes in cycles. There are weeks when I come home with one half empty bag of goodies after every trip and then I'll have a week when I come home with a whole trunk full! After weeks of so-so luck I finally had a really great week. My office is literally overflowing with dresses, hats and purses to put in the shop. I've been busy hand-washing, resewing buttons and reinforcing seams. There's lots of work to be done, but I've almost got the first batch ready to add to the shop on Friday.

Of course I couldn't resist keeping a few things for my closet. First there are two love-worn 60s summery dress that I'll have to put away until spring. They've both seen better days and have some fading and little holes but they're just the kind of not-too-precious dresses that are perfect for everyday wearing. On the other hand, the 30s navy wool sweater coat and 60s camel pea coat are getting lots of wear right now!

I didn't realize what perfect outfits these skirts and blouses would make until I compiled this photo collage. I'm hoping for some nice fall weather so I can wear them before it gets too cold.



Joie de Viv said...

Don't you LOVE a theifting day like this? When you find scores of amazing stuff? It makes those empty-handed days worth it and the adrenaline rush more so when it's a "rains it pours" excursion. I love that camel coat and the aqua-ish skirt!

xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com
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marmaladie said...

The camel coat would look awesome with the plaid skirt! I'm a little obsessed by camel and plaid these days. :P

Jenni said...

Those two dresses are adorable! What great finds!

A Little Brighter said...

Oh wow! you find such treasures and I know exactly what you mean by thrifting luck comes and goes! Last week was terrible but this week was amazing for me!
I get so frustrated when I can't find anything and I get worried it has all dried up (which is silly)
Love the accidental outfits they will look great on!

Ayesha x

Kimberley said...

Guh. Amazing finds! The red/gold/black dress is my favourite.

hannah, heart city said...

beautiful! that daisy blouse is amazing. i wish i got out to the PA burbs more often..

june said...

So many beautiful things in your store! And so enchanting photos! I've a blog and I'd appreciate if you will take a look at it.

jessica said...

those blouses are fab!! Are they for you or the store??

lauren said...

oh dear. oh my dear. jennifer you have to tell me if that second plaid dress is going to be in the shop along with that black top with the ecru flowers. my life just won't be complete without them, in all likelyhood. ;)