18 November 2010

not-so-secret Santa

Picture 109
(Curious? Just click the photo to find out where it's all from.)

Hi guys! Siri here from Ringo, Have a Banana! First, can I just stop and say: hot dang, you ladies are a tough act to follow! I wish I had an outfit post for you all (and access to nature, that would be awesome) but a)my camera batteries just died and b)I'm too busy freaking out about how cold it's supposed to get here next week to wrap my mind around anything but tracking down one of these babies. So instead, I thought I'd throw down a bit of Christmas gifting inspiration since, judging by the general muzak situation on Fifth Ave. yesterday, it 'tis indeed that time of the year again...

Above are a few things I'd love to be able to give to my friends and family (though honestly I wouldn't mind receiving just about all of them myself, eheh!) I've always loved giving gifts (and gift wrapping, oooh) and I feel like the older I get, the more interested I am in giving than receiving. That said, let me just point out that providing a stand mixer to a friend who bakes is really just the gift that keeps on giving back, am I right??

Picture 108
(You know the drill: click away!)

Still, as much as I love to give--I have needs too! Well ok, more like silly, frivolous wants, but hey, tomato/tomaaaahto. A girl's gotta dream: of fancy drawers, Swedish boots, snuggly sweaters (though this one has been sold out in the size I need for weeks #$%@ it!) and the joys of having your favorite magazines appear at your doorstep instead of pounding the pavement month after month trying to pry their whereabouts out of tight-lipped newsstand Nazis. One thing I do always gift myself each year is a big pot of paperwhites. Their smell reminds me of home, and it really is such a wonder to have a little plot of flowers blooming in your bedroom window.

Anyways, all this fantastical consumerism aside, I do firmly believe that homemade is best. Most of my family will probably be receiving care packages of cookies and peanut butter cups, and I'm already looking forward to coming up with my own Christmas card design. So, aaah...anyone know a good DIY manual for how to build your own Canon 5d???



Tanglewood Baked Goods said...

Siri and SJV! Two of my favorite bloggers for always. Love this post and love that you're sharing this space today!

Pearl said...

Adorable collection of photos.
some are on my christmas list.. like the canon 5d. i want a new camera for christmas!

cute blog by the way!


bebo said...

Um, this is totally crazy but if you need the size XL boy's sweater from LL Bean, I have one that I'm about to return in the mail today.

Honor said...

Loved the post :) I recently went to Vienna and saw so much Egon Shiele, they are so amazing :)

blouse said...

i have always wanted one of those mixers. big dream!


A Little Brighter said...

Oh you just gave me a million ideas for what I can give! (thank you i'm running a little short this year) Adore the baking idea and the mixer would be an amazing gift for my sister! Adore all of your picks and I must agree nearly everythign I gift I would love myself ha!

Ayesha x

Ringo, have a banana! said...

OMG girl, let's talk some sweater talk! sirithorson (at) gmail (dot) com

Loni said...

5 d!!!!
if you find some day this DIY manual please let me know! (p.s I sent you an email about the advertising and I'm wait for your respond :)

wish you will receive anything you like!


Samantha said...

Love this post :)
I'm definately giving care packages as gifts this year!

ailsa said...

i actually found a pair of boots very similar to those in savers (australian good will) the other day. pretty happy :)
i love using completely un-christmassy cards and wrapping paper, i think it makes gifts that little bit more personal and special. unless they're handmade christmassy cards (any excuse to use glitter, am i right?)

hello birdy said...

Oh such pretty things! >.<

I'm yet to find my perfect winter coat.. Well, I lie, I've found it several times but have always been too skint to buy it. Why won't I learn and buy them in the summer?! Also on the hunt for a(n affordable) cableknit jumper (sweater for most of you). Just been looking at ones in Urban Outfitters down the road (opened today!) but at £35....still dreaming of finding one in a charity shop where the little old ladies aren't so bloody vintage savvy...

Anonymous said...

So exciting, I bought the exact same jumper today, same colour and everything..
Spent the whole day having lectures on Psychopharmacology at Uni, which was rather stressful...Needed a pick me up after class so I decided to get a cute jumper...even more excited now that the same looking jumper is on my favourite blogg....

Happy days...:-)