15 November 2010

Veils and Sunflares

sally jane feature

50's Dress, a clothing trade w/Kristine
Tights from Kohls
Shoes from Inseam
Veil, a gift from my mother

If you haven't figured it out yet, I have taken control over Sally Jane Vintage... *maniacal laugh* OK, really, Jennifer sweetly invited me to guest-blog for a day, and of course I snagged the chance as soon as I could... My name is Aya, and I run a little blog entitled Strawberry Koi.

It's amazing how much shorter the days have gotten. Having a little one, it's sometimes a tad difficult to take photos, and we (my photographer/hubby and I) love to go during the evening after we've completed our tasks for the day... but it seems like daylight comes in at about 5:45 anymore and pretty much wrecks the whole idea! Ah well, it also means Fall is at its best, where you can get away with light cardigans and tights and be ok... which is perfect!

sally jane feature

...I can see you asking if I truly wore this veil with my outfit... Or at least I would, but no, it was just a bit of fun for the photos, and pulling it out of the closest after 5 1/2 years was incredibly nostalgic. My mother actually made it as a wedding gift for me back in '05... and I still love it to pieces. I like to picture having a daughter one day, wearing it for her big day... we'll see!

Anyway, it was a pleasure posting here, thank you so much Jennifer! Dear me, speaking of Fall and what not... do you realize Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS are right around the corner?? Ugh, I'm in trouble..


BaronessVonVintage said...

such dreamy pictures...and what an exquisite veil!

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Oh what a nice surprise to see Aya over here :) Lovely pictures as usual and the veil story is just tooo sweet!
Have a great week ladies!

Silvia said...

This pictures seem like a dream! very sweet!

Collette Osuna said...

Beautiful dress and veil...what a precious, feminine look.....:)

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Alice said...

Oh these Pictures are some dreamly! I love Strawberry Koi. The Photos are always looking like out of a fairy tale. xx, Alice :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

To Aya: These photos are amazing. I love the veil. That is so nice that your mom made that veil!!! She's very talented! it is gorgeous. Maybe if you have a daughter indeed she'll want to wear it! I guess you'll have to wait and see! I wore my mother's wedding veil, and always dreamed to when I was little, so who knows! Did you actually wear this veil when you married, or did you get it as a gift for afterwards?

I am looking so forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!! I already have my Thanksgiving and Christmas dresses. haha.

Once again, you look gorgeous in these shots and this dress is pretty as can be on you!

creme powder ♥ said...

lovely <3

Anonymous said...

Wow, the veil and the dress are so wonderful! Beautiful photos!
Priscella Manon x

Michal said...

You look so beautiful! That veil makes the pictures so dreamy. (:

Shallow Mallow said...

Beautiful :)

Ana said...

Las fotos son geniales y el vestido tiene un encanto especial.
Besos. Te sigo.

Julia said...

Superb! A vintage bride with the iconic cream color dress and the embroidery veil.

closetcasecarmen said...

Ahhh! The Bobbie Brooks dress!! Kristine bought it from my shop in Nashville, Tennessee! So excited it's making the rounds...


Amber Blue Bird said...

beautiful, love the veil. I hope my future daughter wears my veil on day too :)

Erin Peterson said...

These photos make me feel like I've stepped back in time! Absolutely beautiful!


eagle-eye-cherry said...

I love the 50's dresses.

A Little Brighter said...

How awesome! I adore your blog too! :D These photos are incredible and you caught the sun at just the right time to make them look so magical. That dress is straight out of heaven!

Ayesha x

Nube said...

Lovely dress, great light, beautiful photos!

The Greedy Seagull said...

beautiful light, you look great!

Sundae Surf said...

Such beautiful photos :)


Danielle said...

Beautiful dress!