13 January 2011

Feeling Better


photos by Tom b.

- Anthropologie silk chiffon dress
- AA tights
- 40s peep toe pumps
- vintage carpet bag
- vintage wool beret


Anyone that lives in or around Lancaster can attest to the fact that these photos were not taken today. As we speak, the city is blanketed with about 5 inches of snow. These were actually snapped a couple of weeks ago when I recreated the outfit I wore for our first Pennsylvania Christmas (we usually drive down to 'Bama for the holidays). When I saw the red barn I knew it would be the perfect place to stop and take photos for some seriously belated Christmas spirit. I didn't get around to posting them right away, then it sort of felt like the moment had passed. Today I'm cashing them in as my "get out of jail free" card since being sick and homebound for the last four days has left me with nothing much to blog about.


Thanks so much for all of your well wishes and the get-better-soon notes that have come my way. I'm feeling much more human today and I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be operating at 100%. Fingers crossed! Today I'm finally getting out of the house and to the post office (which I should have done on Monday!). My sincerest apologies to anyone who bought something from the Etsy shop and hasn't received their package yet! I promise they're going into the mail today.


Speaking of the Etsy shop, none of the pieces I had scheduled to add this week will be added... lots of pretty things from Smilin' Gal Vintage, another batch of coats and capes and more cozy sweaters. Look for them next week when things will get back to normal around here. It's funny, but I'm not yet ready for spring time clothes for myself, but I'm sort of starting to itch for spring time shop updates. I'll try to hold off for a few more weeks!



Q's Daydream said...

Glad you're feeling better!
These are lovely!

Vicky K. said...

great pics and wonderful combination!

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mirattes said...

You look gorgeous and there are no such words to describe how awesome is this bag and the whole photoshoot.

vicen said...

Nice blog.
permission to put on my site?

Kimberly June said...

I am in love with that dress....anthropologie...figures.

Crystal Lee said...

I love moss green color of this dress & all the ruffly details. It looks kind of 1920/1930s to me.

Nancie Mwai said...

i love your dress and its colour!

Emily said...

that dress is so beautiful! coulda sworn it was actually vintage.

blouse said...

you always look good in a beret. i try but it never sits right on my head. i need a post on how to pull it off! haha!!

xo~ jane

Shelby said...

I got this dress for Christmas! But sadly I have not been able to wear it yet, it is too large and needs to be taken in. Once it's better, though, I have a feeling that it will become a new all-time favorite.

Lexie, Little Boat said...

I almost bought that dress over the holidays, but decided I should be nice and spend more money on presents for others instead. I'm kicking myself now! You look gorgeous!

chantilly said...

omg i love this dress!! you look great in it :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I love all those little windows.
I love your etsy shop and look forward to when you add new pieces to it! this is a great color on you (the green).

Ginger said...

That vintage carpet bag especially caught my eye. Beautiful and a little quirky. I am feeling inspired. Thanks.


A Little Brighter said...

Beautiful and I'm a little obsessed with those shoes. Shoes before the 60's never fit me because my feet are to average!

Love the Christmassy feel of these photos and I am so glad you posted them!

Also so glad you are feeling better. It is the only problem when you work from home right?

Ayesha x

Silvia said...

I really like that mossy green color. You always pick the right background with the right color. :)

Rosaspina Vintage said...

I'm so glad you feel a little better now Jennifer! I know what staying trapped in the house for a week means, it's happening to me right now and I'm not even sick, working from home can drive you insane when it comes to big deadlines ;)
Get well soon!

Adelaide's Homesewn said...

i tried on this dress and almost got it!
hmm...now i think i should have. it looks so great :)

Luchie said...

oh that green dress is so perfect!

Baii said...

Since I discovered your blog, I had always loved your photos and clothes.
But one thing that is not usual for me is weather, because now - here in Latvia, it is cold and mostly snow is over knees, but the weather in your photos is absolutely different, but I love the naked trees.. and everything, like dreamy autumn (and it is my favorite). That kind of weather in my country is only in september, but still it's usually wet.
Thank you for your beautiful blog and weather!
Best wishes,

Honor said...

The sleves on that dress are perfect. So is the colour.


Dorien said...

Cute dress, you look so great!


iris loves fashion said...

beautiful dress :)))

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

That is a beautiful dress. I love it with the color of your hair. And I'm so glad that you're feeling better.