27 January 2011

Matchbook Magazine


Being snowed in, as we are at the moment, leaves lots of free time for things like baking brownies, watching movies and reading magazines. The movies and brownies are taken care of, but I'm in short supply on the magazine front. So it's perfect timing that I've just discovered the newly launched online magazine Matchbook. It's been a looonnng time since I've picked up a magazine and wanted to read each and every page but that's just how I'm feeling about this one.

Some of my favorite pages are interviews the founders of Whit and Marais shoes, a spread of gifts for guys that I would like to keep for myself, a travel section about exploring Peru, a behind the scenes look at Rifle Paper Co. , trivia tidbits about Princess Margaret and a discussion about the classic trench coat. Whether you're snowed in or not, be sure to check it out when you have a moment!



Silvia said...

I love what the first girl is wearing. It's a pleasant pallet. :)

hattitude said...

ooo cool! we are getting a ton of snow up here in toronto lately! i will have to check this magazine out! thanks for sharing!
cute blog! i'm a follower now :)


A said...

Just realised that I have basically none of the 'classics for your closet'. I need a new wardrobe for Spring!

Libby said...

i'm so excited to check out this magazine...thanks for the recommendation! also, i'm a big fan of your blog!


Anna said...

This magazine looks interesting, I'm definitely going to go and have a look.

Sofia Prado said...

yay! more things to read online. thanks for introducing me to matchbook. :-D

Gabby said...

I completely understand your current situation of being stuck in the house. I was stuck in the house for 3 days straight while it snowed here in Atlanta. I couldn't wait to get out and soak in some fresh air.

reckless daughter said...

the perfect distraction for me on this rainy afternoon! thanks for posting :)