31 January 2011

Spring Collections

a orla kiely

I know after the last post when I was going on about reveling in winter and not focusing on spring this post is a bit hypocritical. Oopsy! I've had these spring collection photos piling up on my computer for months and I thought it was about time to organize them. I had no idea I'd collected so many! Get ready for a spring mega-post.

First (above) is Orla Kiely. It's no surprise that I love the collection. I always do! Pretty 60s style dresses will always pull my heartstrings. Also loving the combination of navy blue and peachy pink... I think that'll be a big thing for me this spring.

a tba

Next is TBA's Edwardian inspired collection. I love all the dusty colored dresses and the pretty collars! I'm seriously coveting this TBA silk paisley dress right now.

a rachel antonoff

Rachel Antonoff's spring collection is full of fun dresses... there's a white Edwardian mini one, a red sailor style one and one with a pretty twisted back. But my favorite is the pastel cropped blouse with the ties at the front. I'd love to wear it with high waisted shorts.

a 212

212 is a collection I just discovered via Charlotte Stokes' styling portfolio. I wish I'd known about it sooner because I'm sure it would have been one of my favorites all along. The pieces are all so classic and I'd love to get my hands of all of them. Especially all the high waisted shorts.

a 27 names

Next is TwentySevenNames. Who isn't in love a little bit with this collection? All the dresses look like they'd be perfectly comfortable even on the hottest day of the year.

a greco

Here's a little tease of Alexandra Grecco's spring collection. Isn't that buttoned up romper the best? It reminds me of something right off the set of Boardwalk Empire.

a steven alan

Steven Alan always has the best classic all-American looks. These remind me of cool New York girls with their straw hats and comfy shoes.

a carven (1)

Last we have the French label Carven. Once again I'm loving the navy blue and peachy pink combo.

Well, there you have it... the mega collection of spring collections! There's surely more to come... I'm still looking forward to seeing what's coming from Dear Creatures, APC, Secret Squirrel, Nadinoo, Family Affairs and more!


Sofia said...

These are all brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

MaryBeth said...

Totally opened my eyes to some new designers. Fabulous choices.


MaryBeth said...

Totally opened my eyes to some new designers. Fabulous choices.


Violet Clair said...

That you for the wonderful eye candy. x

Benedetta said...

Beautiful blog! Beautiful Inspiration!

Just discovered you from...Italy

Visit mine if you like http://seemeethrough.blogspot.com



Rosaspina Vintage said...

I've been having that paisley dress under my eyes for months, isn't it gorgeous? I love that collar so much.
Ahh so much inspiration in this post! :)

Maria Confer said...

You have listed so many amazing spring collections I'm dying over. My favorites are Orla Kiely and Steven Alan.

Lulu Letty

Maria Elyse said...

Aw, I love all of these so much! It definitely makes me excited for spring to come. :)

-- Maria Elyse

melissa hojnacki said...

cmon spring hurry up!! so we can get these goodies!

the dizzle said...

i never glance at lookbooks or collections but i really enjoy the ones you post about!! and your own style is rad. thanks for sharing.

Deoma's Boutique said...

Great blog and great collection! Adorable clothes!

christina said...

oh, so pretty.

and those shoes with the bow in the back...

now we all have spring envy.

michael ann said...

SO glad i clicked on over here from the beautiful mess blog! i'm a huge orla fan, but i'm LOVING those alexandra grecco pieces! new favorite for certain, thanks :]

tracychambersvintage said...

great post. orla kiely is on my tax money splurge list.

Unknown said...

So inspiring. I'm relatively new to your blog, and LOVE it! Thank you.

Alexia said...

Those Orla dresses are magnificent! Is there anywhere to purchase those online? I could only find sale dresses on the website. :(

Sara said...

I must say I adore every single one of these photos.


A Flourishing Perspective said...

Ah, these are all gorgeous and unique!! Thank you so much for sharing this inspirational bit!

Much love,
Erika X

Percy Owl said...

I've mostly been on the fence about orla kiely - nothing ever wowed me and that signature pattern just annoys me and I think it's fairly plain/ugly/unimaginative (I know, some people would shoot me for saying that), BUT this collection is quite nicely put together. I like the three top left dresses, nacy pants outfit, and the mustard yellows. And I saw her ads in the Lula I bought yesterday and was quite impressed. Great collections btw :)

alexandra grecco said...

thanks, lady : )



Anonymous said...

Looove the Orla Kiely dresses - they inspired me to put together a little Orla Kiely wedding fashion board.
Thank you for the creative push!


the lucky elephant

Anonymous said...

Dear Sally! THANK you for all these spring collections
there are everything what girl want to have in her wardrobe