17 February 2011

Spring Collections: Part II


I know you've probably already seen most if not all of these collections posted elsewhere but I like to archive them here for my own reference so you're going to be subjected to them once again. Just bear with me for another spring collection mega-post!

First up... a perennial favorite, APC. As always, it's simple French chic and full of pieces that will be in style pretty much forever.


Sessun's spring collection is full of pretty feminine pieces. I'm a fan of it all, but what I really want is that model's Jane Birkin-esque hair!

samantha pleet

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the Samantha Pleet collection. I'm loving the little round sunglasses and that amazing polka dot bathing suit.

margaret howell b

Margaret Howell's spring collection is the perfect mix of girlishness and tomboy. It's making me excited to wear those penny loafers I found.

you must create

You Must Create's latest lookbooks seems more geared towards fall than spring to me. It's actually pretty nice for inspiration on those in-between winter and spring days we're having right now. Plus, I really love that it was inspired by WWII era teenagers.

juliette hogan

This collection from Juliette Hogan has been around for a while but it didn't really strike a cord with me at the time. But now that the weather is warming the lightweight dresses and floral prints seem just right.

my pet square

OK, so the next two collections are a bit of a cheat. Since they're both from designers Down Under, they're technically fall/winter collections. This My Pet Square collection has lots of perfect transitional pieces... lightweight capes, soft layers and bare legs. Once again loving the sheer socks with the brown shoes.

secret squirrel

The other fall/winter line that seems just as perfect for spring is the I'm Not Like Them collection from Secret Squirrel. Honestly I love this one so much I think it might have deserved its own post. I'm sure I'll be revisiting this one in the fall.


And last but not least, a little teaser from the inspiration board of Nadinoo. I'm really looking forward to seeing the spring collection!



can we talk about those leather shorts from APC and how much I need them, please? :)

Maria Confer said...

I love all your spring collection recaps!

Margaret Howell is always a favorite of mine. I love that she's not afraid to go for tomboy looks.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sooo many of them, that U donno by witch U wanna be inspired by. But 1 Got my attention n' I love it the most... it wasthe white romantic one, the girl with light brown hair pinned down in a pony tail <3 :))))

Ur blog always looks fresh n' it's very inspiring.

love Agy,

Martha said...

I need the shoes in the Secret Squirrel collection!

hannah, heart city said...

all my favorites from spring. cannot wait for bare legs and white dresses.. with a pop of mustard here and there!

Girl said...

Those beige dresses and golden jumpers really captures the essence of spring. So cute.

Libby, Vintage Aplomb said...

I love the A.P.C trench coat...it's just what I need for spring!!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

so much loveliness goin on .. i aspire to have hair like the apc model! i can do it!

Jo said...

There are so many beautiful new looks this season! Have you seen the new Rodarte? I'm going to post about it soon; it's left me obsessed! x www.lostinthehaze.com