06 February 2011

Street Style


Loving a lot of the looks from Vanessa Jackman right now... and it's making me really excited for bare legs. ;)


zeste de citron said...

I love the latest look, especially the wedges ^^

Dreamy Girl said...

I love the bottom right outfit! All it's missing is some socks! I am firmly in the socks and sandals camp.

blouse said...

oh i have been waiting and waiting for bare legs!!

love that first look. and the jacket in the second.


Jean Caulfield said...

dude, love the 2nd chicks freaky shoes and socks.
And baggy hat chick I need to pretend to be!

Rosaspina Vintage said...

I love those big sunglasses! I'm actually terrified by bare legs as mine are covered by kitten scars at the moment ;) hope they'll be gone by springtime!

lavelle said...

Lovely stuff!

I cant wait for bare legs, and not having to wear a big thick winter coat.

I love summer, I'm counting down the days