15 March 2011

Whistles Spring LookBook


I always love Whistles, but this collection really has be rubbing my hands together greedily and wishing for a winning lottery ticket. I've never been one to wear much pink but paired with khaki or navy it doesn't look too intimidating. I'm going thrift shopping tomorrow and I'll definitely be keeping these images in mind while I'm digging through the racks.



Mrs. Habit said...

I've never heard of this brand! Beautiful part about the blog life - new treasures daily. These are incredible. Super cute and quirky parings. Love it. Think it just inspired a thrift trip for me as well :)

Elyse (Give Me Bows) said...

This is gorgeous, I love the neutral colours, the longer length skirts and the lace dress! x

Stacie said...

Love this! I think a lot of these are very thrift-able, especially the skirts, yay!

Magar said...

I pretty much love everything in the bottom picture. The outfit with the long brown skirt is my favorite though, very Roman Holiday

thatdamngreendress said...

Ack- I say it again- will you be my personal shopper (oh right..first I'll need to come into some money...)

You unerringly target the exact things I love and didn't know existed...oh dear- the mint & pink striped peter pan collar loveliness...the khaki skirt...ever-so-slightly pink blouses...

Gracefully Vintage said...

Thanks for sharing such cute clothing.. Love that lace dress.
So glad i found your sweet blog..
Great images- Inspiring.
A happy new follower- love MOD CLoth.

Roxanne Rosensteel said...

I love how simple each one is. With still being original : )

Joy said...

Oh wow this is breathtaking! Must take a visit to the shop!

Chelsea said...

I just saw this on my friend Jen's blog-- Honey Kennedy. She always finds the best lines!

Anna Bonfiglio said...

Hello my dear! Your blog is so cute!
I made a new post on Lady Gaga, pass to my blog and tell me what you think on her.. Is she true or built?
See you later!


Naima Amarilli said...

Oh my! I can't choose my favourite! I think the first two, with this touch of pink, are awful!



Unknown said...

i love the pink and baby blue shirt with the collar. so cute!

<3 steffy

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Whistles is a lovely brand, I recently got a dress from Asos and it fits like a dream, so simple yet very chic :)
I love the palette of this collection and it's a smart way of toning down a sometimes intimidating color like bright pink. And, that lace dress is just adorable!

Honor said...

I walked past a Whistles the other day and could have easily bought everything in it

Pearl said...

I love this!! The coral pink is stunning!


Julia Topaz said...

How do you find these fabulous brands? Seriously all the collections you post are always so lovely but I would have never heard of them otherwise. Is there some secret wonderful-collections-you've-never-heard-of database?


jillianesmith said...

Whistles gets it so right!
I think all the items are pieces for any occasion. :)

I have to say your sense of style is impressive.