14 April 2011

Etsy Update: Flower Child



This Simple Life is Rich said...

Wow, I just have to say that you have some of the most beautiful merchandise!! I love your updates-viewing the clothing this way is a fun at-a-glance way to shop your store before shopping your store.... I hope to purchase something from your shop soon--until then, what a treat to see--and oh my--when I do have the funds to spend on myself, I better act FAST--because, I notice as I clicked some of your links--the goods are already gone---cheers to your hawk-eye(on finding this great stuff), your creativity in showcasing it, your success in selling and you!!! It is a treat to follow along!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

I really like that last outfit!


Vickipedia said...

Hi there! I just wanted to say that your blog is truly an inspiration! It was only recently when I finally figured out what fruit category my body shape fell into (apple - really!?) so now I'm exploring different types of clothing that will flatter my shape best. Turns out, most of the clothes that I love happen to be that vintage, 1950s style that you showcase so beautifully on your blog. I'll have to check out your etsy shop and get the courage to buy my first vintage item, but seriously, thank you for doing such a fantastic job on your blog! It seriously opened up my eyes to all these fashionable possibilities!