31 May 2011

A Touch of Modern

necklaces: Nobletown Vintage, Of Matter, Garnett Jewelry via Need Supply, Coatt

The days around here have finally turned summer hot and I'm not one to complain. After a very long winter I'm welcoming the sun and the heat. That means I've been wearing lots of vintage sundresses. Since I never want to cross over into costume territory with my vintage clothes I've been craving lots of modern shoes and jewelry to pair them with. This is relatively new ground for me. I don't really buy a lot of new shoes and buying jewelry is pretty much unheard of.

I could seriously fill my closet with every pair of shoes from Totokaelo. Maybe the shoe fairy with bring a few pair my way. As far as the jewelry goes, I can't really explain my new found interest in necklaces but I tend to like them brass and geometric in nature. I really like the contrast they provide to the feminine vintage dresses that I live in all summer.

all shoes from Totokaelo


Jo said...

The shoes are each truly amazing! I can't pick a favourite - I literally want them all!


Lindsay said...

just bought one of those necklaces :)

thanks for sharing.

Lara said...

Ooo! Those necklaces are so pretty! I love modern pieces like that.

Kara Athena said...

In my opinion, the "Lady" booties fit all weird. I owned the grey leather ones, and they gape/look strange on your foot. Just a heads up!

Anonymous said...

You are so right about accessorizing vintage dresses! I love, love simple vintage frocks and I have a closet full of them, but every time I put one on I get to the shoes and I have no idea what to do. Clean and modern is a great way to moderate the vintage! Thanks for sharing, those shoes are lovely.

Chelsea said...

oh my GOSH i love those shoes. LOVE. i recently discovered that website too and i've been pinning their stuff to pinterest multiple times a day....ha :) i wonder where i could find a good pair at a store around here? i'm on a mission to find some decent summer clothes and shoes. i keep thinking the thrift store gods will provide....but they have yet to impress me.

Haiyin, Love is three Oranges said...

I'm really loving the shoes... wooden sole and clear-cut cognac leather are my must-haves this summer! (Although I still have yet to find an affordable pair myself...)

Cel said...

Those shoes are amazing but holy price tag. I love me some shoes, but not $350 worth of love for one pair :C