05 June 2011

BSF at the Trocadero


photos by Tom b.

- 80s knit top
- UO jeans
- Rachel Comey boots
- vintage Coach purse
- Garnett Jewelry necklace


This past Thursday Tom and I headed to Philly to see Boy Sets Fire play at the Trocadero. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that most of you probably did not spend your adolescence going to 90s hardcore shows (I think most fashion bloggers were probably born in the 90s) or perhaps I'm wrong and we were all at the same Snapcase show at some point in time. There was a club called Frankie's that was located under a pizza parlor in 5 Points South in B'ham where I spent many a night taking in local bands or whatever traveling band might be passing through at the time.

Of all the bands that I've listened to over the years, I must admit that BSF holds a very dear place in my heart. I actually remember the exact first moment I heard After the Eulogy. I was completely blown away and still can't help but get all wired when I hear "Rookie" (who can resist that song?). I played the entire album on repeat for the next year or so. The band hadn't played a show in the US since 2007 and we hadn't seen them live since a show at The Knitting Factory when we lived in LA so getting to see them on Thursday was a real treat.


Lucky for us, Tom is actually good friends with several members of the band from his years working in the music industry. Since they live close by in Delaware we've been able to hang out with them a few times since moving to PA and always have a good time when we're with them. Tom designed the artwork you see on their web page (it's also on their merch) and photographed the entire show (you can see more photos here).

So... the night of the show we made a very slow trek to Philly (it took us 2 1/2 hours with traffic!), met up with Nathan beforehand to have dinner at a pho restaurant right across the street from the venue then headed in to catch the opening bands from side stage. When BSF finally took the stage I was pretty excited. Tom was running around doing his photography thing while I watched the show from the stage. They certainly did not disappoint! The cutest thing about the show (if there can be something cute) was that most of the guys in the band now have kids... so I was sitting along the stage with a bunch of little girls who were singing along to all the songs.

As for what I'm wearing, I've been feeling a little more casual lately so I threw on a pair of jeans, a knit top and these Rachel Comey boots that I haven't stopped wearing since I got them (someone asked how they fit... a little snug so I'd size up if you're in between). The funny thing is I thought I was looking all casual but when I was getting ready, Tom walked into the room and said, "wow, you're all dressed up." Ha, ha. I think it's the shoes.


P.S. If you'd like you can check out a guest post I did at Lulu Letty...


Chandra said...

I spent my 90's listening to hardcore bands in Kansas. Those were good years.

Kate said...

Brilliant photos,
love love love your boots! So jealous!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

These are amazing!


giselaandzoe said...

oh no i feel ya when i start talking about old school bands on my blog wondering if any of the young readers know. but as a mom to a 13 year old i've exposed her to all those bands although that's not really her musical taste as of yet. my favorite was going to see local bands in the "hole in the wall" venues as they say. i love pop punk (old school like The Descendents) and one local band i wish i could see again was Quit from Miami. i might even fly out knowing that they were playing, so your 2 1/2 drive i'm sure was worth it!looked like lots of fun.



Anonymous said...

The pictures are so awesome! Rock and Roll girl at heart here!


alexandra grecco said...

great photos, miss!


enimie said...

I can't believe you actually know these guys, they are one of my favourite bands ever! Ah, childhood memories.

Caitlin Rose said...

wow you are so much cooler than me! I'm only turning 24 and I'll never have as much cred as you do right now! uhh. it's terrible. But you look cool, and the photos are great ; )

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

These photos are fantastic! Love the backstage ones :)

Bad Joan said...

Looks like a great night! Love your outfit!


Anonymous said...

hah. this made me laugh.. i'm SURE we were at the same snapcase show in a different town.. many times over. Now I feel old. Or.. cool?

Anonymous said...

The black and white really suits your outfit especially in the first picture! I'd love to go to a gig again, it's been ages...


Chaoscontrol said...

This is funny since I spent the summer of 92 going to shows at the trocadero...who knew it was still around!