14 June 2011

Founders & Followers


When you visit Founders & Followers you're greeted with the following options: shop fashion, shop art, atelier, editorial. There's a little bit of everything all in one place. I'm partial to the "shop fashion" part, of course. I love the simple styling and muted palette of the outfits featured in the shop.

But then I'm also drawn into art section with work by Esra Roise and Marie Molterer and the atelier section with behind the scenes looks at the workshop of designers such as Bodkin. And then there's the editorial section with a shoot styled with pieces from designers such as Samantha Pleet, Rachel Antonoff and TBA.



Joy said...

What a gorgeous collection of clothing. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the brown trousers and those last two pics. Gorgeous!


Sleepy Darlings said...

oooooo nothing more inspiring than designers workshops. i love the pop red, yellow, and aqua in the photo with the red stockings.


virgin suicides said...

OMG I adore this store! They have such an amazing clothing selection and I was also amazed by the editorial, stunning!

virgin suicides said...

I absolutely adore this store! The styling is just beautiful and not overdone. And the editorials are amazing and I'm in love with the rachel antonoff tenesse dress. Got to do some shopping now!

saarah said...

adorable layouts!
ps. i love your blog :)

Oh, My Darling said...

I've never heard of Founders and Followers, but am loving this peek at their stuff -- heading over there to check out even more!