20 June 2011

Wild Morning Glories


- Taupe of the Heap Tunic courtesy of Modcloth
- thrifted silk skirt
- Rachel Comey boots
- vintage hat

Did everyone have a nice Father's Day weekend? Mine was pretty quiet since I live so far away from my family and Tom was out of town for the weekend on a photography trip to the much abandoned city of Detroit. I did things like put up strings for the wild morning glories that are growing behind our fence, eat lots of homemade brownies and watch a True Blood marathon even though I'd already seen all of the episodes. I'd forgotten how good the first season was compared to the last one which was pretty terrible. The next one looks even worse but I'm sure I'll watch it just for fun anyway.



Anonymous said...

Darling outfit! For Father's Day we dined on sushi, went out for frozen yogurt and did a little thrifting. All in all a good day.

BaronessVonVintage said...

What amazing settings for these images! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

mostly abandoned?? still over 700,000 people there, not to mention the suburbs. and i think it's still the largest city in MI.

Kara Athena said...

abandoned? Detroit is actually a pretty neat city, if given the chance.

Sally Jane Vintage said...

Whoa! No need to get so defensive about Detroit everybody! I wasn't slamming the city as being a ghost town. If you have seen any of Tom's photography you know that he mostly photographs abandoned buildings and such. Detroit offers many opportunities for this type of photography. On his trip, Tom was visiting the abandoned parts of the city which is what I was referring to in my post.

Anonymous said...

Mh brownies :) I bet that silk skirt feels so lovely on the skin!

dahhlayne said...

For Father's Day, we went out to a Chinese buffet and it was definitely DELISH! I am intrigued by your hat! It looks like something not many people can pull off, but you make it look so classy. Lovinggg it. :)


Caitlin Rose said...

love the outfit. I love morning glaries because when I was young my mom let me grow some in the front yard.

Also, if you have a moment, or if you're bored, I've made a short film on my blog that was inspired in part by your film in the lace factory that you may want to see.


Caitlin Rose

Anna said...

gorgeous outfit!

i don't really celebrate father's day since i've never met my father but always try to do something nice for my grandfather even if it just a phone call! he's an amazing guy.

i was also a bit disappointed by the last season of true blood. i'm hoping this season will be better! i just watched one of the preview vids and yeah...we shall see i guess! :)

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Beautiful skirt!

Jamie Rose said...

Such a nice silk skirt! The black skirt looks great with it and I love the hat too!

alexandra grecco said...

love these pictures!

xx alexandra

My Vintage said...

I adore this outfit, just stunning! Polka dots and pleats - what's not to like! I am a new reader of your blog and I simply love it.

Thanks for sharing!