17 August 2011

29 Palms


photos by Tom b.

- vintage dress
- H&M sunglasses
- vintage Aigner flats

I just realized I have a couple more sets of photos from our trip to California in May that I haven't posted. I better get to it before summer is over! These were taken on the day that we drove from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree. We arrived at the motel a bit too early to check it so we took a short drive down to 29 Palms to waste some time. While we were in 29 Palms we discovered this abandoned motel so we stopped to take a look around. Mostly what I remember about this little event was how incredibly hot it was out there! I had just picked up this gauzy vintage dress at Wasteland on Melrose the day before and was soooo happy to have something so light and airy to wear. It's been my go-to dress for the rest of the summer on days when it's been too hot to think.



Ponytail Girl said...

This dress looks stunning on you!

Anonymous said...

Lovely dress! The abandoned pool is a little sad!

Celynne said...

Great find with that dress! It looks lovely on you. What an eery little place though. Love the photo of you with the hanging flowers.

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

That's a very pretty dress!

dahhlayne said...

Don't you just love go-to dresses like that? Yours is dazzling! Eeks, abandoned motel and an abandoned swimming pool, I guess. Could be a skate park. haha


BaronessVonVintage said...

You always find the most amazing locations. Wonderfully effortless outfit!

Erin said...

That dress is so gorgeous! I'm jealous of your ability to pull off long flowy looks and short, structured stuff too. You're a lucky, lucky girl with some incredibly kickass taste.

The Dewey Decimals

Anonymous said...

Such cool photos. I love that dress, it looks great on you and the pattern is so pretty.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

crazy how places are so abandoned. I am surprised there weren't people skateboarding on that pool! hehe. You look lovely in this dress.