24 October 2011

Erb's Mill Covered Bridge


photos by Tom b.

- H&M dress
- ASOS duffle coat
- Topshop boots
- vintage silk scarf

Yesterday Tom and I had plans to go to NYC for the day but at the very last minute our plans fell through leaving us with an entire day at home with no real plans. It was such a lovely fall day we wanted to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. We ended up taking a very touristy drive though the countryside, stopping at a couple of covered bridges along the way.

This bridge, spanning Hammer Creek, was originally built in 1847 for just $700 and was rebuilt in 1887. As we were sitting by the creek, several Amish horse & buggies crossed over the bridge. One had a teenage couple in it and the boy stopped the buggy right in the middle of the bridge making his girlfriend squeal in half terror. I couldn't help but wonder if he does that every time they cross a bridge.



Rae said...

I love your outfit! That striped dress is so so so cute! xo, rv


Femke said...

It looks like 'Bridges of Madison County'... I love your outfit, especially your coat!

xoxo, Femke On the Button

Joy said...

Another gorgeous shoot. Amazing! Great coat and love the scarf!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful spot and love your coat!

Agnes Deer said...

Breath-taking pictures! Your country is so lovely :) Love the outfit too. Staying and going to the covered bridge does sound like a great plan too :)


s said...

It's interesting to think about that Amish boy's habits. Once, I saw a little kid who got scolded for hitting his sister then as their mother turned around, he pulled her hair and I wondered if maybe he did that every time he didn't get his way and if it would manifest itself into some sort of cruelty later in life. Also, these pictures are beautiful, very scenic, like part of a storybook :)

girl and bird said...

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Caitlin Rose said...

oh I love this look, and those boots are amazing.

Unknown said...

beautiful photos, love your outfit! that dress is lovely!

Mandi Johnson said...

Lovely as usual! I like this lipstick or lip color you are wearing! It suits you.

Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Fabulous dress, boots and coat (love the button detailing)! The socks look very cute too :)

I'm having a Sandy Mitchell BRACELET GIVEAWAY I think would look fabulous on you! Not Dressed As Lamb GIVEAWAY Catherine x

Nahar & Nazia said...

your photographing locations are absolutely beautiful. love the scarf 8)

Meggy said...

I love the outfit, jacket looks lovely and your locations complete these pictures <3


Anonymous said...

I really love your outfit, especially the striped one!

Unknown said...

I love your striped dress paired with the brown jacket and boots! So cute