28 December 2011

Beekman Place, Pt. III


photos by Tom b.

- 60s wool shorts
- H&M sweater
- 60s leather boots
- vintage wool beret

When presented with the opportunity to do a photoshoot in the Beekman Place building, I was faced with the inevitable question... what to wear?!  I knew whatever I took with me, I was going to have to carry it several blocks through the city as we walked our way to the building so that limited what I was going to take.  I thought about coming up with some sort of theme or specific inspiration but in the end, just went with outfits that I thought I would normally wear and that represented my own personal style.  Each one incorporates pieces of vintage from my own closet with modern pieces in ways that I would wear them in everyday life.   



Anonymous said...

Really beautiful photography. I think you did a great job choosing the outfit. Very Newsboys!

sweet harvest moon said...

Beautiful pictures!

Rae said...

Great outfit and location! SImply beautiful. xo, rv


Unknown said...

stripes are my favorites for sure. If you put them with a hgh waisted pair of shorts and a great location....you hava captured my attention forever!!!!

love this look!

Annalise said...

Oh, you look totally gorgeous! I love the colors against all the beautiful architecture. Great photos.

Unknown said...

Oh man I love your wool shorts so much! The striped top is perfect with them. Great pictures!

film is fashion said...

Is it just me, or has your style changed a bit? I'm seeing more of a '40s influence than before...

great pics and inspiration!


Mei-li said...

hey i really really love this outfit ! its simple but it works well !! its so hard to look nice when your wear knee high boots and short ! i always wanted to buy some clothes from your shop, cause they're good, but as i live in uk ( expensive shipping), and my size is more L than M !! but your choice us always nice !!

Unknown said...

Hi, this outfit looks great, like a french artist. It would work perfect with a yellow bag ;)

Anonymous said...

So jealous! Amazing scene, shots and I LOVE the GARB!