09 December 2011

Street Style Favorites

Stockholm Street Style, Vanessa Jackman, Sartorialist, Fancy Fine, Shop Lawrence, Hummingbird Girls, Stockhom Street Style, Sartorialist

You may have noticed a lack of outfit photos on the blog lately.  I just haven't felt much like stepping in front of the camera.  I'm sure it's a phase and it will pass but until then, rest assured that I'm still getting dressed on a daily basis.  Ha, ha.  When I'm feeling a bit stuck and I'm not quite sure what to wear, I often consult the "outfit favorites" folder on my computer for inspiration.  These are some of my favorite favorites right now: lots of neutral colors, layering, longer length skirts and ankle boots.  That pretty much sums up what I've been wearing. 



Q's Daydream said...


Vega said...

awesome inspiration photos!!

i too have been lacking on outfit posts. *shrugs*. it's just like that sometimes. lol

<3 Vega

Joy said...

Today understand what you're going through! You look amazing here!

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Such lovely outfits, I'm flattered to be included.

Jo said...

Such gorgeous look! <3 I especially love Ashely's look, and The hummingbird girls! So much inspiration!

Lost in the Haze

Maria said...

This looks are so amazeing!
i love them ♥


Daniela said...

Love this style!