23 January 2012

Madewell in Black & White


Don't adjust your screen!  The Madewell spring lookbook is here and it's in pure black and white.  As usual, I pretty much love everything.  Madewell is definitely a reflection of my style on most non-fancy days.  That first striped dress has my name written all over it, I just have to decide which color I like best.  And those sandals!  If only four inch heels were practical to walk around in every day. Oh, and my apologies to the model... for some reason the screen grabs made her face look a bit wonky at times.  I'm sure she's quite lovely looking without the slightest bit of wonkiness in real life. 



Unknown said...

ooh! I'm all over that striped dress, too! Love it!

LUU H. said...

i wish they could ship to europe, or to Norway to be more exactly.. I hope i find a madewell when im in nyc in may :) they nhave so nice clothes

Unknown said...

I love Madewell. Beautiful post.


Anonymous said...

Love the wear!