02 January 2012

Something Else


I was doing a little post holiday online window shopping and saw some things on the Madewell site that I really like (surprise, surprise).  I noticed a couple of the pieces were made by an Australian line called Something Else by Natalie Wood.  Madewell's description says the label takes cues from nature, art and 70s bohemia.  Sounds just about perfect to me!  I decided to check out their site to see more. 

The winter collection is full of blues and greys and blacks with subtle patterns.  I think I love everything except for the shoes.  Sorry, but the shoes are bad.  Next I looked at the spring collection and it's the first thing I've seen that actually made me almost wish it was almost spring.  Almost.  I like the pale pink dresses balanced with the black pieces.  And then next is the summer collection, which includes some of the pieces I saw on Madewell.  Polka dot chambray?  Yes, please! 





grumpygreenmonkey said...

These are exactly what I like - simple but interesting. Great blog!

confusedbrit said...

ooohhh....I love the colours and patterns alot...I'm a bit fan of softer shades and slouchy styles so this is right up my street!

Have to agree though, the shoes are terrible!

Jo said...

Ohh, this collection is such a dream! <3 I especially love the white dress with the back detailing - so gorgeous!

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Georgia Rose said...

Ah, sigh. My big brother used to work at a boutique that stocked Something Else, and he could order me any piece I liked at cost price. I'm gutted that it got earthquake'd out of existence, as this collection is looking like something I desperately need in my wardrobe!

Shannon said...

Love the style of these designs. Bohemian elegance.


Sadee Says said...

Love the top 2 dresses!

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Very pretty collection, simply yet with personality!
Love the new header by the way ;)

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Very pretty collection, simply yet with personality!
Love the new header by the way ;)

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Really lovely pieces and outfits here. I can't wait to check out the site. Thanks for sharing.

Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

I´m always searching for beautiful and simple inspiration with that romantic boho feel that makes me sigh... and i desperatley need it considering I live in a small city in Mexico where people would look at me with a "¿quĂ©?" written all over their face if i repeated what i just wrote (even AFTER translation)! Thanks for inspiring!