21 February 2012

What's Been Keeping Me Busy...

  • Enjoying the illustrations of Kris Atomic. Especially the one above!  I relate to it a bit too much.  I hate it when strangers tell me to smile.  YOU smile! 
  • Studying German.  Learning a new language is one of those things that would be on my "bucket list" (if I had one).  With our trip coming up this spring, now seems like a good time to finally push myself to do it.  I'm using the Pimsleur method (just learning to speak and respond, not read or write) and so far I'm retaining more than I thought I would.  Hopefully I'll be able to hold a conversation while we're in Germany!
  • Playing with my new camera.  I decided to upgrade to a Canon Rebel EOS XS.  Now I just have to learn how to use it.  So far, so good!
  • Cooking with more fresh ingredients.  I've always loved to cook and I'm trying to use more and more fresh fruits and veggies every day.  Especially after I read an article that said dissolved human hair from China is used in some commercial breads.  Ugh.  Now I think I need to learn to bake bread. 
  • Looking forward to spring.  Our backyard is looking really barren and I can't wait to plant our vegetable garden again this year.  AND I'm getting really tired of wearing layers to leave the house.


The Braided Bandit said...

The comic is adorable. That's me for sure! Even worse from when someone tells you to smile is when someone tells you you look tired. HOW can you mean well by that?! haha. I am excited about backyards and spring too! Hope you have a wonderful day,
xo Hannah

Stephanie Hadrath said...

Some thoughts about your thoughts!!
First of all german is difficult and believe me I'm german !!!
Second to take photos with the camera is a must!!! Enjoy it :)
Third: Try to make at least once a day a vegetarian dish.... it's incredible how many different dishes you can make with the same vegetables!!! I apllied it since some month ago.... and fourth ... afterwards if you only eat vegetables... you will have to do diet to recover the proteins you did not take before( that's me right now!!) :( hahaha but now I'm recovering myself of my ideas ...you will do also :)



JayRay said...

I've been using the Pimsleur method to learn German too! Just started last week. I've been learning much faster than I thought I would considering I took 4 years of spanish in grade school and it never took....the Pimsleur lessons are such a great method! My boyfriend and I traveled through Germany, Switzerland and Austria last summer and just fell in love. We now have a major desire to move there someday so learning the language seemed like a must :) Good luck learning the language and have fun in the Deutschland! Auf Wiedersehen!

Emily Peebles said...

I certainly agree with you on the fresh ingredients bit.. and with your vegetable garden it will be that much easier to cook naturally! Love your blog, by the way :>

Rachael Notes and Creations said...

Haha, the illustration is just perfect! If you want me to smile, how about saying something nice, eh?!
I'm jealous of you getting to plan a new vegetable garden for spring! I don't have a garden at the moment, but a friend was talking about indoor growing bags which I think I'll investigate - it must be so great cooking with fresh ingredients when you've grown them yourself!

Leah said...

Ugh I am just the same, although it's gotten better as I've gotten older. When I worked at the checkouts in a department store I used to hear it every day - usually from middle aged men. It just makes you madder! As though all teenage girls are supposed to do is smile and look pretty! RAGE!

I did Italian all through primary school, Indonesian all through high school and an intensive year of French at uni, and I could MAYBE ask a simple question in French, I can count in Italian and name colours and body parts and fruit (how USEFUL) and say 'thank you' in Indonesian. I think the key to any language is constant use.