15 March 2012

Sweet Treats


 - 60s mini dress
 - 60s cotton blouse
 - vintage cardigan
 - 60s girl's coat
 - UO hat
 - thrifted 90s boots

Last Friday Tom and I were invited to the set up of a special exhibit at a museum downtown (more on that tomorrow).  Looking back at this photo it's hard to believe I had to wear so many layers just a week ago.  And I was cold the whole time!  After our time at the museum, we stopped at Central Market to buy fresh veggies and on the way home made a last second detour into La Petite Patisserie.  Tom treated us to a fresh baked lemon cupcake and a butterscotch blondie with pecans and chocolate chips.  Yum!  


Kenzie and Maddy said...

I love, love, love this look!

amie k said...

what a lovely combination, the coat is adorable and I love the length of the boots, super hip xxxx
Love Amie


Stephanie said...

I love your coat and dress!

Faith Wall

Frannie Pantz said...

This is a great combination! I love the dress!

Lucy in the Sky said...

That coat is so beautiful, and I love the colours of this outfit.

Unknown said...

That coat is fantastic! Such a cool piece.

Sydney said...

love this outfit! especially the jaket xx


sweet harvest moon said...