19 April 2012

Dream & Awake


As much as we live in a digital world and I don't know what I would do without my digital camera, there is just something about a photograph that you can hold in your hand.  I really like this series that is a collaboration between photographer Eefje De Coninck and online vintage shop Dream and Awake.  



Marlen said...

wow, these pictures are so dreamy. i wish i had an afternoon in the place that they're walking around in. i know what you mean about actually having tangible pictures. I'm trying to get adament about printing out a few from each adventure I have. Photo albums are starting to become extinct :(

Anonymous said...

Wow these photos are beautiful. And I completely agree, there is no replacing polaroids.
xo, Tori

Emily Peebles said...

These photos are amazing! I like how isolated the girls are, like a dream. There is something to be said about the tangibility of a film photograph. If only it weren't so expensive to get them developed!

Marina said...

beautiful photos)