03 April 2012

So Long, Marianne

summerland a
Wardrobe: Summerland, Photography: Anja Verdugo, Model: Skye Velten, Styling, hair & makeup: Megan Hart

You've probably already seen these photos floating around on other blogs, but I couldn't help joining the fray.  The photos are from the spring 2012 editorial for Summerland, a Portland based shop that stocks independent designers as well as vintage finds.  The photos were taken by Anja Verdugo of Clever Nettle.  I get so excited seeing a fellow blogger having so much success and transcending the personal-style-blogger rut that so many of us (I'm guilty!) fall in to.  Way to go Anja!

summerland b


Cat said...

These remind me so much of Aubin & Wills' spring campaign with Irina Lazareanu & Alex James - really gorgeous photos, I wish my house was so photogenic, I'd love to copy-cat some of these! Thanks for sharing!

Cat xxx

Ashley said...

I love the look of these! And not just because I have two of those dresses! :)

marmarvintage said...

Yeah her looks are enduring....I am in love one of those dresses

Maria from MarMarVintage

pinkmate said...

great looks! i love all the editorial in this post!



ariana said...

Nice dresses and amazing haircut!

Aïcha said...

the yellowish dress (before the last one) makes me want to travel. can't explain that, but it is really beautiful ! xx

sweet harvest moon said...

Love this! Perfect for Spring!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

This is a beautiful lookbook. the photos are fashion are both brilliant!
Daisy Dayz
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