31 July 2012



When I first discovered this scarf company on Frances May I was all, Milleneuf-what?  I can't say that I've figure out how to say "Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre" yet, or ever will but regardless of the tongue-twisting name I'm head over heels in love with these gorgeous printed silk scarves. These are from the spring collection but the autumn selection is just as lovely in botanical prints.  They really look like wearable pieces of art!



Kari Breitigam said...

They really do look like beautiful paintings. So cool.

Amanda M. said...

It is approximately pronounced mille-noof-sahnt-catra-vaughn-catra. It's just a series of numbers spelled out in French. The scarves are really pretty!

larami said...

If I remember correctly, this translates to 1984 and sounds like meel.noof.sont.katra.vant.katra. The "noof" sounds sort of like roof.
mille: one thousand
neuf cent: 9 hundred
quatre vingt: 4 twenties which equals 80
quatre: 4

I could be completely wrong by the way :)

Krystalle said...

Ahhh they are so beautiful :) And the name actually means 1984 in French!

Anonymous said...

Lovely scarves !

I'm French so mille neuf cent quatre-vingt quatre just means 1984 ;)

For the pronunciation I have no idea how to explain that to you. I have try to read the comments and it seems pretty funny but I think it works ^^

Deborah said...

Wow, they are beautifull! Love it!

Deborah said...

They are beautifull, I love those scarves!