10 July 2012

Les Puces Saint Ouen


Our trip to Paris wouldn't have been complete without a trip to the flea market in Saint Ouen.  I'd heard so many wonderful things about Parisian flea markets, this legendary one was a must when we were planning our itinerary.  I have to say, it did not disappoint! Thankfully, it was a beautiful sunny day and we took the train north of the city to find the market.  After a few wrong turns through the neighborhood, we finally stumbled upon the entrance and wandered in.  I could have spent all day rummaging through every single stall but we only had a couple of hours before we headed off to our next stop. 

Walking through the furniture stalls made we wish could completely start over in decorating our home.  So many amazing things!  It was a bit hard to take photos because you know how picky flea market vendors are about photos but there were so many pretty things to look at.  There were a million things I wanted to buy, but unless we were going to charter a boat to take us home we had to leave it all behind.  There was not going to be any room in my backpack for a new couch or a collection of vintage mirrors.

There were not as many vendors selling vintage clothing as I had hoped, but there were still plenty of things to look at.  In one stall I found two vintage wool striped sailor sweaters in a perfectly small size.  One in cream with navy stripes, the other in navy with cream stripes.  They reminded me of A.P.C. sweaters.  Then there was Chez Sarah, which strictly forbid photos (so I took a couple of sneaky ones from outside the shop) that was full of so many wonderful vintage dresses it took my breath away.  I was tempted by a 30s silk embroidered peasant blouse since I've been looking for one for ages but ended up walking away because of the outrageous price tag.  Luckily that all worked out in the end because I ended up finding nearly the same blouse at a shop in Amsterdam for a fraction of the price, but I'm getting a bit ahead of myself with that story. 



Dulcie Emerson said...

It's true! Amsterdam is crazy cheap for vintage! I remember being similarly stunned when I went there to stay with a friend recently xx

Anonymous said...

Ooh it looks fab! I want to go there and to find some thrifty buys in Amsterdam :)