26 August 2012

Weekend Adventures

photo by Tom b.

- vintage skirt
-  H&M top
-  vintage hat
-  Madewell Zipcode boots
Julie Nolan zodiac bracelet
Datter eye necklace

Last weekend Tom and I had a few fun adventures.  On Sunday we went to a concert in Philadelphia for a band Tom has worked with over the years.  We stopped on our way into the city and picked up seitan Philly cheesesteaks (so good, by the way) and ate them on a freezing cold tour bus.  Why are buses always so cold?  Then we drove home late at night only to return to Philly the next day for a Phillies game.  Dollar dog night!  I love that the stadium there does vegan hot dogs.  We ate hot dogs and soft pretzels with cheese (which I managed to spill all over my jeans within minutes of sitting down) and rooted the Phillies to a win over the Reds.

Then after the Phillies game we headed north towards Connecticut.  Once there, we stayed in a roadside motel so we could wake early in the morning for a photoshoot in an abandoned opera house.  Tom was going to document the empty spaces of The Sterling Opera House in support of the Valley Community Foundation and invited me to go along.  Over the years the opera house has hosted acts from Harry Houdini to Bing Crosby but has been empty for decades and is now in line for restoration.

I'd planned out a shoot that would be similar to the one we did last year at Beekman Place but at the last minute, didn't feel up to being in front of the camera so I rearranged a few things and stayed behind the camera instead.  But I did let Tom snap this one photo of me.  I'll be sharing more of the project later this week!


SophieSweetVintage said...

Love this photo!

jesse.anne.o said...

Vegan cheesetakes sound so good.

Jamie Rose said...

Such a great picture. You always find the best places to take pictures!

sweet harvest moon said...

Love your boots!

Leah said...

The opera house looks SO lovely! I bet the photos are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! Especially the vintage skirt/hat combo. I'd love to see the other pics of the abandoned opera house! Looks like a really interesting place.