27 September 2012

Amsterdam, Pt. 1


Somehow I got a bit off track with sharing our vacation photos with you.  Let's get back to it, shall we?  Here we are in our last stop along the way... Amsterdam!  Our arrival in Amsterdam was a bit later in the day than we expected after a train mishap. As in, we got on the wrong one.  Oopsy!  It really wasn't a big problem and we were able to get off at the next stop and catch the correct train, it just put us a bit behind schedule. 

Amsterdam was everything we expected it to be;  canals winding their way through the city, bikes and bikes as far as you could see, the smell of marijuana wafting out of coffee shops, house boats lining the canals and drunken tourists shouting from their party boats.  Honestly, if it wasn't for said drunken tourists, the city was quite lovely.  Our first day we walked the streets, sat at a sidewalk cafe to have a beer, visited the Bloemenmarkt where I met the world's friendliest cat, peered into the windows of house boats, had dinner with an old friend at an Ethiopian restaurant and wandered into an art gallery opening. 



Liz Lauren said...

great pics!


Fifties Darling said...

Ah fermiliar sights :)

Sapir @ The Sapphire Queen said...

Amsterdam looks so lovely (maybe minus the red light district HA) So glad you had a wonderful time!

Amanda M. said...

I love Amsterdam. I went there a few years ago and stopped at a really nice flea market. I would love to go back for an extended period of time. Did you have a long stay in the Netherlands?
P.S. Your pictures are lovely.

Andrée-Julie said...

I was in Amsterdam this summer, and I just fell in love with this city :)

Your pictures are amazing (and your hat is just wonderful *o*)

Chaucee said...

Beautiful photos! I adore travelling and it's great to see photos from other's visiting the world.