05 September 2012

The Opera House Collection, Pt. 2


Here are more shots from the time we spent wandering through the Sterling Opera House.  There were rows of wooden seats on the second level with some having star shaped perforation decorating the seats.  Our guide told us that the lucky audience members that got the "star" seats would win a prize during performances.  The top level had bench seating for the "cheap seats" but still had a great view of the stage.  Oh, and on the stage was a pile of painted backdrops that dated back to the 1930s that hadn't been unrolled since they were used in a production.  I would love to be there when those are finally unfurled!

In the shop: Coral Sky Floral Dress, Cocoa Dress & Jacket, Oil Tanned Leather Belt, Fair Isle Cardigan, Saffron Button Skirt



Liz Lauren said...

all of it is gorgeous!


Naomi at The Occasional Indulgence said...

Wow, what a great collection of photos. I wish we could see the 1930 back drops too.


Modern Milly said...

What a stunning location. Love how you've shot your vintage pieces, very pretty. x

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos! Haunted and alluring. Well done! :)


sweet harvest moon said...


Sita said...

Wonderful pictures :) your pieces look great against the background.


therefinedcool said...

Great photos! The aesthetic of the opera house compliments your vintage pieces well! I am secretly coveting that chunky grandpa sweater.



Melissa said...

These photos are stunning, almost eery. Such a creative idea for a collection.

<3 Melissa