09 October 2012

Civic Classics


The other day I think I got stuck in some kind of time warp.  At one point I walked into the kitchen to start making dinner and realized it was only 5:00.  Way too early for that!  So we decided to waste a little of our time by going to Barnes & Noble to peruse the books; me in the fiction and biography sections, Tom in the design and photography sections.  Along the way we stumbled upon Penguin's Civic Classics collection.  It may have been the graphic black and white letterpress-style covers that first caught my eye, but once I opened the cover of one, I wanted to read them all.

I know reading about the government sounds pretty dry and boring but these relatively small books seem like just the right size to bite off with out becoming overwhelmed. We ended up with American Political Speeches and even though Tom was going to read it first, I've already flipped the book open and read a couple;  one by Louisiana Governor Huey P. Long and the other by Theodore Roosevelt. 



Kari Breitigam said...

Penguin sure knows how to get it right when it comes to book covers.

Joy said...

These are gorgeous!

Simonas street said...

Very beautiful covers! Really makes you want to read them.
About the time thing I experienced the same a couple of days ago but instead I woke up at 5.00 in the morning and thought that I was late. Started to get ready for the day when I saw the clock. That explained why I felt so tired so I went back to bed. It was nuts!

Lisa Price said...

these covers are really cool. xo.