18 October 2012

Guilty Pleasure


I must admit that one of my guiltiest pleasures is new socks.  I love new socks.  Are there people out there who don't?!  I go pretty much all summer long without touching a pair, so when fall rolls around I sort of go into sock-loving overdrive.  There's a sock store at the local outlet mall and each fall Tom and I go to stock up on warm, wintery socks.  It's sort of a ritual.  See?  I'm totally obsessed.  Currently, my favorite place for sock-coveting is Lisa B.  I'm especially smitten with the snowflake and color block designs. 



Dulcie Emerson said...

These are all gorgeous but I particularly love the brown and white spotted ones :) xx


laura fox gill said...

oh these are lovely! I know it's standard that getting socks for christmas is the worst ever, but honestly all I ever want is loads of soft new socks! x

sweet harvest moon said...

Me too! I bought socks with a fox pattern yesterday