18 November 2012

Moroccan Kilim Boots


I'm not sure where it came from since it's sort out outside my normal range of what I wear, but I've been newly obsessed with finding the perfect pair of Moroccan style kilim boots.  I've been living in a pair of black skinny jeans and a denim shirt and while I have no desire to wear much of anything else these day, I think a pair of these boots would make that combination a little less boring. 

It's difficult since the very nature of the boots makes them one of a kind and I'm scare to order a pair not knowing exactly what I'll get.  If the thought had dawned on me sooner, I could have visited the Kiboots store when we were in Amsterdam.  Instead, I've been stalking Bohemia site in hopes of snagging a pair of the Oujda style in my size.



Leanne said...

So funny! I have a moroccan backpack made with the same carpet as the top right pair. I'm real happy with the unique-ness of my backpack. Though, I was lucky enough to get to pick it out while I was visiting Morocco. I'm sure you'll be happy with the pair you get!

ristlicious said...

Oh! I love this boots.. really nice,,