28 January 2013

Ace & Jig Spring 2013


I know I've already posted a few spring/summer collections, but none of them have me as excited about warmer weather than this one.  It's the new collection from Ace & Jig and I want a closet full of it.  I not only like their aesthetic but the business practice behind it so I've made a point to collect one piece from them each season.  Last spring it was this dress, then in the fall this top.  For this collection I have my eye on the navy striped mini dress.  It looks so comfortable and easy to wear. 

ace jig


Angela Barnes said...

I've got my eye on the embroidery print and the longer black printed dress! Such good effortless style and prints!

America Lettuce said...

such lovely and relaxed looks. I want that plaid dress!


Charity said...

such beautiful dresses! i'm loving the red and white one.


Anonymous said...

ugggh i love these fabrics!!!!!
Ace & Jig are the best! Thanks for posting!

- Meaghan