15 January 2013

Dark Side of the Moon

bona drag1

I was pretty excited to see this new Bona Drag lookbook land in my inbox yesterday.  It's the first sign of spring to come and has me thinking about another road trip that Tom and I have in the planning stages.  It won't involve the desert where these ladies are, but somewhere equally as hot in the summertime: the Black Belt of Alabama, ending up on the white shores of the Gulf of Mexico.  I haven't had much of a reason to buy a new swimsuit for years so I've been making do with a few vintage ones I have lying around.  But the thought of visiting the Gulf has me considering a new purchase.  I've been eying lots of Mara Hoffman prints lately (I have a feather print scarf and love it) so this might be the perfect excuse to finally own this

bona drag2

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