18 January 2013

The Work of Lisa Kokin


I'm forever finding shoe boxes full of old photos at flea markets and wondering what to do with them.  I love flipping through them one by one, wondering who they are, what kind of life they led and why that small remembrance of them ended up for sale to strangers at a flea market instead of treasured by their own future generations.  But since I'm never quite sure what to do with them, I always end up leaving them behind.  

Lisa Kokin has successfully answered my question as to what should be done with these old images.  They should be stitched together to form a maze of anonymous faces, each connected by thin threads and staring back at you from their web.  Of course!  Why didn't I think of that?   If you're a fan of these, you should also check out what Kokin does with old books. 



charity said...

beautiful work. by the way, i really enjoy your shop and blog. :)


kiss me quick said...

These pieces are beautiful. I would have never thoight of doind something like that with vintage photos.

sort of adds more power to them.


manufaktura cdR said...

Wow brilliant!