05 June 2013

Hans Hildenbrand


One of the nice things about exploring the National Geographic Found Archives is it leads me down paths of discovering loads of new photographers.  Well, new to me, of course.  I could spend all day Googling the names that appear under each photograph to see what other treasures await.  One such discovery is Hans Hildenbrand.  He was a German photographer best known for his color photographs of World War I.  After the war, he was employed as a photographer by National Geographic.  As seen in this sampling of photographs, his work took him all over Europe, from Hungary to Austria and from Germany to Switzerland.  I love studying the details of the clothing in these photos. 



J. MacIsaac Studios said...

Very fun! I love the soft colors of the photographs.

sweet harvest moon said...


Natalia said...

the last photo looks so polish. i mean the people look like a group of Gorals from Zakopane

Rachel Kaye said...

this is awesome!!!! what a great way to find new photographers. never thought of that!

Sandra said...

amazing photos! i love traditional costumes, each time i go back to romania i stop by the museum of the romanian peasant in bucharest and spend a little too much time drooling over old intricate embroidery (and secretly planning to steal them louis feuillade style haha)

ChezSoi said...

Oooh...I love the traditional dresses!^^ You can really see how they where influenced by different eras and cultures.
Our traditional clothing is unique for Austria, but there are similar patterns in other European countries. I love to wear it, even though it takes over an hour to get fully dressed and you can't even imagine how hot it gets!! It is handed down through the generations, so there are parts that are about 200 years old and are still worn. In case you got interested:
http://www.kleinezeitung.at/kaernten/hermagor/3170498/dieses-tal-bekennt-sich-zur-farbe.story (Sorry the article is written in German.)
In motion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2jIwUMauPY