10 December 2013

Mazzy Star


Last week Tom and I headed to Union Transfer in Philadelphia to see Mazzy Star.  I spent countless hours in my late teens and early twenties listening to Hope Sandoval's voice and tambourine.  I never had the chance to see them live back then so I was really excited to finally experience some of my favorite songs in a live setting. While I am glad that we went, I have to say that the show overall was a bit of a letdown.  After all these years, the band really had no stage presence and the performance seemed a bit half-hearted.  I'd read that Hope tends to be really shy onstage and she lived up that, barely lifting her head and never addressing the crowd.  I was hoping for more, but I am happy that I can checking seeing Mazzy Star live off of my list.



Raquel Shull said...

I bought Among My Swan, having never heard them before, during an eighth grade school trip to Boston (I too live in Lancaster County) and have been a fan ever since. Your blog is beauteous!

Kari Breitigam said...

sad to hear the performance was a disappointment; i always loved mazzy star

Megan Diaz said...

Aww that totally bothers me when artists do that. Atleast you got to hear some good tunes.
Hot Pink Day
Libi & Lola

Anonymous said...

Mazzy Star was a huge part of my youth too and I've yet to see them. Super bummed that I missed them while they were most recently in SF. I hope they tour again soon!

Tailoverteakettle said...

I saw her at Terminal 5 in NYC last month and sadly, I'd have to say the same about the show! Though, the funniest part about the entire experience was that Hope managed to get the entirety of the building to a hushed silence (it's 3 floors and quite large, very warehouse like)…and at one point, someone very loudly "SHHHH'd" someone else, and a bunch of people started giggling, much like an elementary school assembly.

AlicePleasance said...

Definitely part of my youthness too. Their "Rhymes of an Hour" were even in the OST of one of my favorite movies (and again, another big thing of my youthness!), Stealing Beauty. Did you ever see it?