15 January 2014

Mean Reds

If you were to look through my closet, the color you would see the least would be red.  I've never been much of a red-wearer, so I was surprised when I realized that several of my recent vintage acquisitions are indeed... red.  I've been enjoying the pop of color to my wardrobe that is mostly neutral tones of black, grey and brown.

- A 30s era embroidered peasant blouse from SIB Vintage
- An early 20th century Canadian band jacket from Petrune
- A 30s cotton dress in red and white plaid from Ebay
- A 20s era silk kimomo from Hinesite Vintage


sew nancy said...

I love red and wear it a lot. These finds are amazing especially the kimono and peasant blouse.

Featherstone Vintage said...

I love the red an yellow colour combination on the band jacket!