03 August 2007

No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of These Boots

I have been a vegetarian for quite some time but some how have never ventured over into vegan territory. I blame my two great weaknesses – cheese and leather. More so the former than the latter, but still. I do my best to avoid purchasing leather but every time I walk through a shoe store all the cute flats, mary-jane heels and scrunchy boots seem to be calling out to the fahionista in me. Imagine me with a little devil fashionista on one shoulder and a little angel vegetarian on the other and you’ll get the idea. Occasionally I will assuage my conscience by purchasing vintage leather items, reasoning that I am recycling the resource rather than directly supporting it. I think that argument can only take me so far. In that vein, I have been researching options for Fall boots of the vegan variety. Most of what I have found out there directly marketed to vegans is either incredible hippie-granola or very femi-nazi. If I ever find myself in need of a pair of vegan Birkenstocks or faux leather combat boots, I’ll know just where to look. When I began looking outside the realm of vegan websites, I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few options available. Here are my favorites:

First up is the Donya Boot from Alloy. It’s a nice basic, flat boot that looks like it could be worn tall or scrunched down a bit. It comes in black or white for $39.50.

Next is the American Eagle Slouch Boot from Payless. It reminds me of the short boots that were being sold at Topshop last year. Of course Payless being Payless is about a year behind the trendier stores but it’s still a great, versatile boot for $24.99.

Third is the Sunburst Shortie Boot from Urban Outfitters. I’m a fan of the pleating details around the ankle. It comes in charcoal, ivory, black and turquoise for $68.

Last and certainly not least is the Scrunched Knee High Boot from Urban Outfitters. I’m usually a flat boot kind of girl but I don’t know if I can resist these. In black, ivory and wine (my personal favorite) for $78 I think these may be my new Fall boots. Finally the angel on my shoulder can give it a rest!


- jesse said...

I just got those AE ankle boots thanks to this post! Cute!

Sally Jane said...

Ooooh! How cute! I'm still eyeing the ones from Urban. I saw them in the store and the "leather" actually looks and feels pretty good.

- jesse said...

I actually liked those better but I was too lazy to take the subway to UO - Payless was right off my stop on my way home. They also looked like they had more rubber on their bottoms and I have at least 20-40 minutes of walking a day to/from the subways if not a lot more.

Sally Jane said...

Yeah, I don't drive either(which is a rarity in LA)so the mile walk to the bus stop in heels is pretty daunting. I've had pretty good luck in the past with my Payless purchases.