21 August 2007

Sewing Class Project

Assuming that I actually make it to class tonight (after last week's bus debacle) I'll be starting work on a 50's inspired house dress. It buttons up the front and has a collar and either short or 3/4 length sleeves (I haven't decided which yet). I also have the option of making an a-line, gathered or pleated skirt for the bottom half of the dress. I think I'd like to learn pleats.

At the fabric store on Saturday, I was having a hard time deciding on a fabric. Budget is definitely a factor, as they have many beautiful fabrics that cost $40 a yard. Not exactly learning materials.

I finally decided on this robin's egg blue cotton with a brown and white floral design. The silhouette of the dress is very 50's house wife and I thought the color palette here would suit that nicely. Also, the flower pattern on the fabric is not directional, so I don't have to worry about keeping all the flowers going the same way when I'm sewing.

Here's the pattern that I'll be using. Not really something I would pick to sew on my own, but for class purposes it does in corporate a lot of skills I am excited to learn.

And I couldn't help but include a shot from the "Wall of Fame" at the fabric store. Yes, that is Britney Spears and Rob Schneider.

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