03 October 2007

Rain Boots

My first winter in LA I think it rained every day for at least a month. I thought surely everyone had lied to me about "sunny" Southern California. The next winter it hardly rained a drop. I honestly can't remember using my umbrella at all. The rainy season is once again approaching and while I don't know if it will actually bring any rain with it, I am reminded that I do not own a pair of rain boots. While this fact has been relatively inconsequential in winters past, my current non-car-owning, walks-a-lot self could definitely use a pair. Here are my requirement:
  • a solid color - yes, I know there are lots of cute, printed ones out there - leopard spots, polka dots, rainbow stripes - but I want a pair that I will wear for years without growing tired of them.
  • light weight - as in they don't weigh a ton. I just want to walk in the rain, not get a lower body work out.
  • skinny - to fit my skinny legs. I do not wish too look like a kindergartner playing dress up in her mother's rain boots.

So far my favorites are these from Free People, but I do think they are kind of pricey. I like the brown, but am also quite tempted to get yellow or red to brighten up those rainy days.


Rhiannon said...

The Free People ones look totally worth it though.

If the south really gets that rainy in the winter I'll have to get a pair too. Thanks for the info! :)

Sally Jane said...

I know! I think I'll splurge since I'll get a lot of use out of them.