04 October 2007

Wardrobe Remix 10-4

2 slips (layered) - vintage
tights - H&M
boots - vintage
sweater - Urban Outfitters
necklace - vintage
sunglasses - H&M
on the iPod - The Smiths "Meat is Murder

The wonderful, grey, cloudy sky I awoke to this morning is already turning clear and blue.


my love for you. said...

cutest ever.
a style maven.

love the ipod touch.

Anonymous said...

you got style babe ;D

Sally Jane said...

Thanks! And I love music - it's such a huge part of setting the mood for my day.

The Vintage Society said...

Wow that slip is amazing! I am thrifting tomorrow and you have inspired me to be on the hunt for something great like that one!