01 October 2007

Wardrobe Remix 10-1

dress: vintage
tights & sunglasses: H&M
shoes: vintage
on the iPod: Bat For Lashes "Fur and Gold"

This was one of those Monday mornings that the only thing making me get up and get ready for work was the promise of putting on a cute dress. Does anyone else ever have those days? This is one of my favorites (I seem to have a lot of favorites, don't I?) but it doesn't get worn often because it is one of the older pieces I have in my closet. I imagine that it's nearly 40 years old and while it is in exceptional condition and I've reinforced most of the seams, I'm always afraid that it's just going to fall apart. But today was a Monday that warranted breaking out something special.


jasmin said...

i saw this outfit on flickr, it's really nic.

something i would wear!

thealchemist said...

i have those moments, where the idea of a great outfit can completely change my mood. love the dress!