23 October 2007

Wardrobe Remix 10-23

dress: H&M
tights: American Apparel
socks: H&M
earrings: gift from my sister
shoes & scarf: vintage
cat: Rocky aka RockStar: SuperKitty

I purchased this scarf on my recent trip to Alabama. After my mega-thrifting adventures in Birmingham, I hit up a couple of small, rural shops with my mother. This particular one was in Opelika, Alabama. When we walked into the shop we were greeted by an older lady who told us everything in the shop was half off and then proceeded to talk the entire time we browsed. She told us about other shops in town, the furniture in the back room, her brother-in-law's Alzheimer's. She was very Southern and you could tell she probably didn't get many visitors in the store. I picked out a couple of scarves and a pair of silver and gold flats and told her I was ready to check out. At the counter, I could tell she was having a hard time with the math (there was no register) so I ended up having to figure out my own total and tax, then she looked at me like a foreigner when I handed her my debit card. She had to get someone else out of the back of the store to come run the card. I felt a bit like I had stepped back in time, but that's just part of the charm of the South.


alleesawn said...

yay bambi earrings!

i am such a fan of people that strike up completely random conversations. and it seems to happen in the thrift stores more than any other setting. also, oh how trusting those old people are in in little towns like that!

okay, and i hate that i spilled a beer on my camera and made it quit working because i really wanted to show you my inspired wardrobe remix for today... oh well.

Rhiannon said...

Aren't those the best thrift stores to go to? I love it when they're so stuck in the past that it's nearly impossible to find anything newer than the '90s.

And I love, love the over-the-knee socks over the tights. And of course the chic color scheme too. :)

Sally Jane said...

Yes, these little thrift stores are always the best! Sorry about the beer on the camera - sounds like something I would do. Unfortunately, the tights with the knee socks only lasted until I got off the bus to come to work. It was just too hot! I'll have to try it again another day.

Vintage Bunny said...

I love the out of the way thrift stores.We went to one in the mountains(near Helen,GA) and I found Ferragamos for $4.00,vintage patent leather clutch for a dollar!!!
You have got to visit the Unclaimed Baggage place in Scottsboro,Ala.I found great stuff there

WendyB said...

What was the cat saying to you in that photo?

Sally Jane said...

Wendy - He's saying "Follow me to the kitchen so you can give me some treats!"