21 November 2007

Street Style

As I've stated before, street style blogs have been much more inspirational to me lately than any magazine. My new favorite is Altamira NYC. It's been around for at least a few months but I've only just run across it. Based in New York City (obviously from the name), it is a team of photographers that "scouts the sidewalks of New York City and other major world capitals for the unique, the distinct, and the fashion forward." As much as I enjoy the Sartorialist, I have found that his subjects have become increasing the fashion elite. I much rather see what an average girl on the street manages to put together on a modest budget with vintage finds and H&M than the latest ensemble Anna Dello Russo in donning. After all, isn't that what "street fashion blogs" are really all about? I've found that lately I've been drawn toward more "edgy" or "tough" looks rather than the girly, frilly looks I've favored in the past and I think the overall aesthetic of the photos on this site appeals to that side of me. Ever since watching "Control" I've just wanted to dress in tight black jeans, heels and a black leather jacket. I swear that movie really got in my head!


Anonymous said...

Word. I love Altamira and street fashion blogs in general. I enjoy Sart but I totally agree with you...99% of the time he's photographing trophy wives and people who don't think twice about dropping 10's of 1,000's of $$$ when they purchase a new outfit. My favorite street fashion blogs are The Facehunter and Street Peeper. On a different note I just randomly found your blog and am enjoying it highly!

altamiranyc said...

Hey! Thanks for the discovery!