21 November 2007

Wardrobe Remix 11-21

dress: vintage
shirt: American Apparel
cape: Topshop
tights: H&M
boots: vintage

I always hear people talking about buying "investment pieces", thing they will wear for years. I guess in this day and age of fast fashion, I've never really been one to shop like that. In an effort to cut down on my spending and consumption, I've been more carefully weighing my purchases. I feel like this cape from Topshop is my first "investment piece". I think it's a classic piece that I can wear for years. Uh, Oh. This might be a sign of my getting older! Ha.


atelier said...

I love that cape! I was looking for one like that!

Anonymous said...

this doesn't have anything to do with this post (-the cape is super fantasicle), but do you know where to get cheap monday jeans?

Sally Jane said...

You can buy Cheap Monday jeans online at UrbanOutfitters.com. When you go to the site, look under the "Boutique" section and they have several kinds. They are sold by waist size and are unisex. I think they tend to run pretty small.

Anonymous said...

love the dress and the boots :)

and cool investment piece, although honestly you don't really need to worry about investment, being young is about experimentation

WendyB said...

The cape looks fantastic.

Ranna said...

Oh, how I would love to find a well-fitting plaid vintage dress.
I've been hunting for one since last spring, but I still havent come across with a perfect ole like yours!

I love your cape as well.
I can totally relate to what you're saying about "investment pieces". I think my only "invesment piece" is a pair of leather boots I got a couple of years ago. They're the most expensive piece of clothing I own, but I'm sure they're going to last so long my children can inherit them. :)

Amrita said...


Did you buy your topshop coat online? I have been reading about them opening stores in NYC where I live but am not sure. Love the coat.

Heather said...

That cape is very eye-catchingly classic. I love the button details!

jackie ♥ said...

i love it.

Mila said...

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Sally Jane said...

Amrita - yes, I bought this online. I'm glad that Topshop finally started shipping to the US. I've heard that they are going to open a store in NY too. I hope so!

The Clothes Horse said...

those pictures are lovely--there's something mystical about the location--the cape helps