02 November 2007

Wardrobe Remix 11-2

dress: H&M
sweater: Anthropologie
tights: H&M
socks: Sock Dreams
boots: vintage

I splurged on this sweater last Fall because I thought it would be a versatile piece that I could wear over and over. It has asymmetrical buttons that aren't really assigned to any particular button hole, so you can button it any way you want. The result is either a loose sweater with a big sailor-type collar that hangs over your shoulders or a fitted cardigan with a collar that bunches up around the neck (in a good way). I had to take it up under the arms because it wasn't cut high enough for me - I have a thing about sweaters or jackets with saggy armpits. Ugh, they are the worst.


Londyn said...

well, whatever you did to it -- it looks fabulous. Lovin the blue tights too!

viviane said...

which iPod do u have?

Sally Jane said...

I have a green iPod mini that my boyfriend handed down to me.

Anonymous said...

lovely outfit!
i specially love the sweater :)

greetings from Mx!

Anonymous said...

i like the sweater...great.i also live the dress

Ediot said...

you look amazing- the sweater is really cute