05 November 2007

Flickr Girls

When I first started this blog, I decided that I would include a monthly post featuring whatever actress or model or magazine was particularly inspiring for me. What I didn't anticipate was discovering an entire subculture of girls from all over the world that are just as interested in fashion and thrifting as I am. Everyday I look at the pictures posted on Wardrobe Remix and find countless ways to be inspired. To me this is better than magazines or styled actresses because these girls are styling themselves by their own means and usually a pretty tight budget. The group, started by Tricia of Bits and Bobbins, posts photos of their everyday ensembles on Flickr. If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it. Or better yet, you can join the group. Here are some of its recent highlights.


Rhiannon said...

Wow, thanks! I'm honored to be up there with those girls!

suburbanqueen said...

I'm honoured too! And I feel the same way about w_r - it's better than mags, and even better than street style sites, because you can really enjoy people's styles and not just individual outfits.

Londyn said...

what a fun idea!

Absolutely loving the blue outfit and also the red scarf outfit!

my love for you. said...

rhiannon (liebemarlene), piksi and sherbert tone...i am always checking those girls for their style!

also, i have to agree w/ you...since i have entered the blog world...i NEVER buy the fashion mags anymore, at least not the mainstream ones. over it.

Ranna said...

Oh, I'm honoured as well!
I love those other girls you mentioned here. :)
And I agree with you about w_r.

sherbet tone said...

Ah, I am more than a bit late here, but thanks! I didn't even know this about this post! I try to keep up with blogs, but admittedly I don't read them all. Thank you thank you!