05 November 2007

Wardrobe Remix 11-5

dress: H&M
shirt: American Apparel
tights: H&M
boots & scarf: vintage

Over the weekend I finally saw "Control", the movie about Ian Curtis, and I've got Joy Division on repeat. It's a wonderfully dark, brooding movie and I recommend it even if you're not familiar with the band or their music.


Rhiannon said...

I'm completely jealous that you got to see Control already, but maybe even more jealous that you live close to an H&M. :)

That dress is gorgeous.

The Happy Hippie said...

Just when I think your ensembles can't get any better you continue to outdo yourself! You look so lovely and autumn-esque. :]

Miss Woo said...

love love love the orange dress and boots, too cute.

Margarita said...

Omg I love this outfit. I could totally see myself rocking this look, the color combo is my favorite. Great blog, luv it!

Anonymous said...

Do you know where to get boots that look just like those? I've been searching for a very long time. Can someone please tell me what store or website to go to?!