05 December 2007

Party Shoes for The Animal Lover in You

It's that time of year! Trees and lights are going up all over town, stockings are being hung by the chimney with care and every one is thinking about what they're going to wear to all their holiday soirees. My perfect ensemble would consist of a vintage cocktail dress, perhaps one of these, and chunky, metallic shoes. When it comes to dressy shoes, I'm just not a strappy sandal, pointy toe kind of girl. I'm also not a fan of buying new leather products so... I've scoured the internet to find all the holiday-friendly, animal-free shoes one girl could need. Click on any of the pictures to see them on their original page.

Row 1: ASOS
Row 2: Delias, Alloy, Go Jane
Row 3: Urban Outfitters

1 comment:

Candid Cool said...

the 1st pair are pretty nice